What We Ofer

Our High Quality Services

We offer general contracting, construction management, design-build, and preconstruction planning services for projects of all sizes—from a single office fit-up to treatment plants, road constructions and maintenance, fencing, Construction of schools and Water Works.

Road Constructions and Maintenance

Under roads we deal with access roads, infrastructure and maintenance, town roads and pedestrian walkways.

Buildings Constructions and Maintenance

We build shopping centers, airport hangers, passenger terminals, office blocks, chemical stores, masonry walls, green houses, firefighting facilities, perimeter wall, fuel storage depots, go downs, concrete, steel, cabling, and roofing works.

Water Works and Maintenance Services

These including: trenching, pipe laying, construction of dams, greenhouses, water storage tanks, irrigation schemes, boreholes, pump houses, sanitation and treatment plants, earth dams, spillways, treatment works, storage tanks and dam grouting.

High Quality Fencing Solutions

We construct concrete fences, electric fences, gates and garden walls

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